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The first set of operators trained in Spain with Putzmeister Underground’s new 3D simulator completed their shotcrete operator training course at our headquarters in Madrid in late October. Leading Spanish construction companies including Cavosa, FCC, Ferrovial, OHL and OSSA all took part in the course.

We launched the new course in September. After successful completion of the first course onsite in Canada, this is will be the first batch of shotcrete operators trained in Spain with the new 3D simulator.


The content and technology of the course have been developed together with Edvirt, the leading Swedish provider of ‘immersive’ simulation training technology for the tunneling and mining industries. Designed both for new as well as experienced operators, the course received excellent feedback from the participants.

“The course has been like facing your driving test again: most people would actually fail,” said Emel Antonio Lara Nausa, a seasoned OHL operator. “We pick up many bad habits that we think arA total of six operators from different construction-related backgrounds completed the course. This mix of abilities and backgrounds has been a key aspect of the course, adding dynamism and spurring an important exchange of information between them, they said.

“I’ve picked up more in this week than in the whole of my working life, because the fact is that many operators do not spray properly”, said another participant. “Many of the things I learnt (over the years) are actually not done that way, there are many details that I didn’t know about”.

The course, which totals 40 hours of training, covers both the theory and practice of concrete spraying, including washing of the rock surface, spraying of different tunnel and mining environments, limiting the rebound rate, etc; all in a safe working environment.


3D simulator-based training offers a virtual framework that renders learning and operating easier and cost-effective. Acquiring the right skills and learning how to spray are both critical aspects in the construction safety, creating a safer work environment for everyone. What’s more, a highly skilled shotcrete operator can help deliver massive project efficiencies, through the reduction of unnecessary concrete waste during application. The rebound rate is one of the key aspects by which an operator is tested. According to data compiled by Edvirt, a highly skilled operator can help cut your unnecessary shotcrete usage by around 20%.

The course, based on the operation of Putzmeister’s shotcrete equipment SPM 500 Wetkret, is designed both for new as well as experienced operators, allowing them to learn and correct potential existing bad habits in a safe working environment.



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