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General data
Length 8,750 mm
Width 2,400 mm
Height 3,000 mm
Ground clearance 380 mm
Distance between axles 4,500 mm
Max. longitudinal gradient while driving 30%
Max. transversal gradient while driving 10%
Inner turning radius 2,650 mm
Outer turning radius 6,450 mm
Weight 19,500 kg without load / 21,700 kg with load
Putzmeister telescopic spraying arm SA 17.2
Maximum spraying reach Vertical 17 m / horizontal 15 m
Minimum unfolding section Vertical 4 m / horizontal 7.7 m
Minimum working section Vertical 3 m / horizontal 2.8 m
Number of arm extensions 2 telescópics
Telescopic stroke 2 x 2,000 mm
Number of axles / degrees of freedom 9
Maximum arm angle +60º / +30º -23º / -62º
Lights 4 spotlights LED 7,200 lm
Spraying head
Rotation 360°
Inclination +120° / -120°
Nozzle DN40 / DN50
Putzmeister concrete pump PM 1810
Type Double-piston, hydraulic drive
Max. flow (theor.) 33 m3/h
Transport cylinder diameter 180 mm
Max. pressure (theor.) on concrete 75 bar
Max. aggregate size 16 mm
Automatic lubrication system  
Full hopper capacity 350 l
Filling height 1,440 mm
Spotlight 24V, LED 24W 1,160 lm
Pumping and spraying drive system
Electric 75 kW
Additive pump synchronized with concrete pumping
Type Screw with flowmeter
Adjustment range 100 - 1,200 l/h
  200 - 1,000 l/h
Maximum working pressure 12 bar
  18 bar
Additive tank 1,000 l
Control system PLC
Cable reel
Operation Hidráulic
Colector A 800
Cable length 50 m / 100 m optional
Cable diameter 53-61 mm
Power 400 V 50 Hz or 440 V 60 Hz
Diameter 1,400 mm
High pressure water pump for cleaning
Operation Hydraulic
Max. pressure 200 bar
Flow 15 l/min
Hose 15 m (with hose reel)
Water tank 200 l
Diesel Engine
Type 4 cylinders with catalytic converter
  4 cylinders with DOC + SCR
Engine emissions In line with EU-Stage III B / EPA-Tier 4i
  In line with EU-Stage IV / EPA-Tier 4f
Engine power 119 kW (160 HP) at 2,200 rpm
Diesel tank 200 l
Putzmeister off-road vehicle, 4-wheel drive
Transmission Hydrostatic
Gearbox Variable hydraulic engine
Steering Four-wheel hydraulic steering (4WS), crab mode
Traction 4 WD
Speed Max. 16 km/h
Braking system (dual) Service brakes: 4-wheel hydraulic multi-disc brakes in oil bath Parking brake: 2-wheel independent, hydraulic multi-disc brakes in oil bath, manual Emergency brake
Working lights 4 LED spotlights 35W
Driver cabin FOPS/ROPS certified with control panel and monitor for rear
Oil tank 365 l
Electrical equipment 2 x 12 V 110 A batteries
Power 75 kW
Max. working pressure 7 bar
Max. air flow Variable, 11.1 m3/ minl
Putzmeister remote control
Operation Cable / radio
Cable length 20 m
Hydro-scaling system
Flow 90 l/min
Pressure 180 bar
Hose 25 m
Cable 100 m 
Additive tank 1,000 l (inox)
USB Download  
Fire extinguishing system Drive automatic / manual
Closed cabin  
Heating blanket for additive: 3 x 1,000 W 230 V  
Special voltages
Power 480 V 60 Hz or 1,000 V 50/60 Hz  
Maximum theoretical values listed.
Specifications subject to change without prior notice
Photos and drawings are for illustrative purposes only.
For available options, please consult the factory.
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The concrete spraying equipment Wetkret 5 ensures safe and accurate spraying in middle and large sections of tunnels and mines. Its spraying arm, which has a vertical reach of 17 m, has demonstrated its efficiency in projects around the world. What’s more, it can perform movements simultaneously, resulting in improved manoeuvrability and reduced times. The concrete pump boasts the latest Putzmeister technology and has a maximum output capacity of 33 m3/h. The variable flow compressor integrated into the chassis can be easily adapted to the spraying requirements , ensuring maximum quality. For greater additive dosage accuracy, Wetkret 5 boasts a peristaltic additive pump with flow meter, or a screw additive pump. All of the equipment’s functionalities are remote controlled, guaranteeing operator safety and ergonomics.

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