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General Data
Length 22.700 mm (with Silo and Bag-cutting)
Width 10.665 mm
Height 2.560 mm / 9.400 mm (with Silo)
Distance from the conveyour belt to the floor 2.700 mm 
Aggregate storage hoppers
Hoppers with electric vibrator 4 / 2 Hoppers
Total capacity 14 m³ / 7 m³
Support structure Made of 4 mm steel plate. Support structure made of laminated steel profiles
Extractor belts 4 / 2 Ribbed, 400 mm. Beslt structure made of 6 mm folded steel plate
Dirvel rollers Ø 60 × 470 mm
Distance between rollers 250 mm
Drive roller with rubber coating Ø 219 x 450 mm
Tension roller Ø 219 x 450 mm
Geared motor 2.2 kW, 92 rpm
Water dosing
Water feed system 1.1 kW pump + pressure contrl system
Batching system Water meter with 1.5 " inlet valve and programmable operation
Water tank 500 l
Connection with concrete mixer 1 1/2" galvanised pipes
Opening and closing Pneumatic valve
Mixing set
Max. output 20 m3/h
Mixer Pan mixer with vertical axle
Capacity 750 l
Useful vibrated concrete capacity 500 l per cycle
Tank Steel with wear-proof steel sleeves HB 400. Thickness of 8 mm
Mixing rotor Five mixing arms with spring shock-absorbing. Two scrapers
Discharge gate Hydraulic
Maintenance gate Electrical safety limit switch
Geared motor 22 kW
Weighing systema fitted Three load cells of 2.000 kg
Inspection hatch  
Compressed air installation
Compressor 3 HP, capacity 100 l
Sealed cabinet Pneumatic electrovalve unit
Maintenance access Main structure
Pneumatic system Filtration and lubrication unit
Main structure for transportation and installation
Compact set for transport  
Made of folded steel plate  
Batching booth
Size 2.000 x 2.300 x 1.650 mm
Access door Knov and lock
Aluminium window Protective grills
Electrical installation For power and lighting output
Air conditioning 2000 FG7CA
Designed to house station management and control equipment  
Capacity 23.500 kg
Dimensions 8.000 mm
Capacity 1.500 kg
Made in steel sheet 3 mm
Feet and bracing In structural pipe
Discharge Free drop
Bag-cutting hopper
Capacity 250 kg
Made in steel sheet 3 mm
Feet and bracing In structural pipe
Discharge Free drop
Bag-cutting system  
Dosing system for two admixtures
Case for two pneumatic pumps  
Two 1/2" pneumatic pumps  
Counter M-25 3/4"  
Terminal block for electric connections  
Air inlet regulation filter  
Electro valve for pump activation  
3/4" sampling tap  
Hydroprobe moisture sensor for sands
Probe for installation in hopper set (not mixer)  
4 m connection cable  
Support and fixing ring  
Maximum theoretical values listed.
Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
Photos and drawings are for illustrative purposes only.
For available options, please consult the factory.
logo batchkret20

The BATCHKRET 20 brings concrete production to the heart of your mining operations, simplifying site logistics significantly. It comes with a 14 meter-long concrete conveyor belt, with aggregate storage hoppers (two/four) equipped with electric vibrators to facilitate the flow of material and steel plated belt feeders to ensure a uniform feeding system.

The pan mixer has a vertical axle and five mixing arms with spring shock-absorbers and two scrapers to ensure a homogeneous mix. The water-feeding system has a 1.1 kW pump and a pressure control system, as well as a 500 l capacity water tank.

The plant also includes a batching booth for station management, enhancing safety while protecting the control equipment from the challenging conditions common in mines and tunnels.

The batching plant can be set-up with three different feeding systems to best suit your needs. They include: a silo with a maximum capacity of 23,500 kg, a big bag with a maximum capacity of 1,500 kg and a bag-cutting hopper of 250 kg.

Optional elements include a dosing system for two admixtures, and a hydro-probe moisture sensor for sands designed to ensure consistent quality. The plant, which has a compact footprint ideal for underground worksites, can be fitted within a single 40’HC container.


botonDimensions      botonFeeding system configurations    


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