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General Data  
Length 6820 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 2500 mm
Ground clearance 317 mm
Distance between axles 3350 mm
Inner turning radius 2400 mm
Outer turning radius 6095 mm
Weight 12000 kg
Elevating platform  
Max. lifting height 4.000 mm
Lifting capacity 4.000 kg
Dimensions 3.500 x 1.950 mm
Longitudinal tilt +/- 8º
Control panel On platform and chasis
Preinstallation of air/water distribution Connection on right side of chasis, service on the platform
Max. operational pressure 10 bar
Diesel engine 6 cylinders
Maximum power 130 kW at 2.200 rpm
Cooling By water
Engine emissions In accordance with EU-Stage IIII A / EPA Tier 3
Catalyst DCL Int. MINE-X DC8
Fuel tank 160 l
Maximum speed 20 Km/h
Max. longitudinal gradient while driving 30%
Max. transversal gradient while driving 10%
Driving and steering Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering (4WD / 4WS)
Transmission Hydrostatic progressive system with continuous variation (ICVD), no gears to change
Service brakes Multi-disc in oil bath on both axles
Parking brakes (negative) Internal SAHR discs on both axles
Axles Heavy-duty directional planetary axles
Tyres Michelín MINE-X / Wheel rims 12.00-R20
Rear camera Night-vision
Automatic centralized greasing system  
Driving cabin  
Cabin FOPS/ROPS certified
Glazing Front (with wipers and water tank ) and right side
Driver seat Adjustable, mechanical and air suspension, seat belt
Working lights on platform LED, 2 mobile lights
Driving lights LED, 2 front + 2 rear
Working lights LED, 4 front + 2 rear
Indicator and position lights LED, 2 front + 2 rear
Braking lights LED, 2 rear
Rotative omnidirectional beacon (optional flashing) Amber
Extendable platform (drop wing)  
Max. lifting height 4.000 mm
Lifting capacity 4.000 kg
Additional width 700 mm
Max. load on drop-wing 200 kg
Dimensions 3.500 x 2.650 mm
Longitudinal tilt +/- 8º
Pipe handling system  
Max. reach from platform 1.820 mm
Max. load capacity per arm 300 kg
Pipes 4 - 8" (100 - 200 mm)
Max. lifting capacity / at peak 2.150 kg / 810 kg
Reach 3,2 m
Proportional remote control  
Auxiliary elevating platform  
Maximum load capacity 2.500 kg
Max. reach from platform 1.100 mm
Dimensions 1.600 x 700 mm
Air compressor  
Power 13 kW
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Airflow 0,8 - 1,3 m3/min (28 - 46 cf/m)
Electrical generator  
Power 5 kW
Tension 4 x 230 V + 2 x 400 V
Fire suppression system, automatic / manual operation  
Closed driving cabin  
Air conditioning and heating  
Maximum theoretical values listed.
Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
Photos and drawings are for illustrative purposes only.
For available options, please consult the factory.
minelift 4

The MINELIFT 4 scissor lift platform has been designed and developed to optimize the logistics of underground mining operations. With a lifting height of 4 meters and 4 ton capacity, the equipment is available in two configurations. In its basic configuration, MINELIFT 4 provides a safe working platform for the elevation of personnel and cargo in underground works, while the configuration for piping installation additionally includes an extendable platform of 700 mm, a crane with high load capacity to lift pipes in an easy and safe way as well as a pipe handling system with two independent telescopic arms. There is also the option to configure the equipment for ventilation system installation, including an auxiliary lift table. The 6-cylinder, 130 kW (174 HP) engine gives the equipment great climbing and driving capacity, as well as the potential to be used at high altitude. A compact design with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering provides excellent traction and maneuverability in small galleries and tunnels.

botonDimensions and turning radius      


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