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Equipos Putzmeister para shotcrete en Cachemira

Noticia solo disponible en inglés: Putzmeister shotcrete equipment in twin tunnels on highway in Indian Kashmir.

Twin tunnels are being constructed in Kashmir by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) on National Highway 1A, which connects Jammu with Srinagar. One tunnel will run between Quazigund and Banihal, the other between Chenani and Nashri. The two parallel 8.5km tunnels between Quazigund and Banihal are being built by the Indian infrastructure firm Navayuga Engineering Co. In July this year, highways minister CP Joshi laid the foundation stone for the tunnels, stating that efforts would be made to complete the project within five years. The tunnels are being constructed by the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM). Immediate support of the excavated section is provided by a 150mm shotcrete layer, reinforced by steel fibres according to the specified project requirements.

Navayuga Engineering Co is using four Putzmeister Sika-PM 500 concrete spraying systems for structural support in the roadway heading. The machines have to withstand difficult environmental conditions involving both extreme heat in summer and bitter cold and snow in winter. The equipment was sold to Navayuga Engineering through Putzmeister´s Indian distributor, Mekaster International, who also provides spare parts and after-sales services. A Mekaster technician is permanently on site, ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) of Putzmeister´s Sika-PM 500 series provides fully automatic, high-precision synchronization of the concrete pump, the additive dosing unit and the air compressor. The complete synchronization of concrete output and additive flow guarantees a homogeneous, high-quality shotcrete mixture, reducing rebound and meeting early-strength and drying time requirements. The Sika-PM 500 remote-control allows the regulation of concrete output, as well as fine adjustments to the preset additive dosage; this provides flexibility in geological conditions where characteristics such as composition, strength and stability vary. All other functions of the machine are also available via remote-control (air, concrete and additive), including the automatic start of the spraying sequence

With a vertical spraying reach of 17m, Putzmeister´s Sika-PM 500 series is used for medium to large tunnel sections. The automatic arm movement and nozzle oscillation are designed to help the operator focus on the quality of the shotcrete finish. The spraying arm is automatically maintained in a horizontal position, so that the operator can concentrate on operating the nozzle. The concrete pump is specifically designed for shotcrete, guaranteeing high performance, low pulsations and a long working life of wearing parts. Although the equipment is designed to work in large gallery sections, the dimension of the machine is still relatively small, which gives it a unique maneuverability compared to other machines of similar size. The four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering with crab mode further enhance the machines maneuverability in difficult territory.




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